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Ever wondered what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

The professional and personal challenges, the high and lows, the failures and the success?

Startup Weekend is a global grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. It is the largest community of passionate entrepreneurs with over 1800 past events in 120 countries around the world in 2014.

The non-profit organization is headquartered in Seattle, Washington but Startup Weekend organizers and facilitators can be found in over 200 cities around the world. From Mongolia to South Africa to London to Brazil, people around the globe are coming together for weekend long workshops to pitch ideas, form teams, and start companies.

All Startup Weekend events follow the same basic model: anyone is welcome to pitch their startup idea and receive feedback from their peers. Teams organically form around the top ideas (as determined by popular vote) and then it’s a 54 hour frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation. The weekends culminate with presentations in front of local entrepreneurial leaders with another opportunity for critical feedback.

Whether entrepreneurs found companies, find a cofounder, meet someone new, or learn a skill far outside their usual 9-to-5, everyone is guaranteed to leave the event better prepared to navigate the chaotic but fun world of startups. If you want to put yourself in the shoes of an entrepreneur, register now for the best weekend of your life!

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Mohammed Alafranji
Reem Omran
Mohammed Skaik

Radi El Fassed


Radi El Fassed is VIce President Business Development at MENA Apps LLC. He evaluate startup companies for acceptance in acceleration program
Mentor entrepreneurs on business development, marketing, sales, organization development and leadership.

El Fassed is a graduate of Delft University of Technology - Msc, Physics Member of the board of the research section Pattern Recognition of the faculty of applied physics at the Delft University of Technology.

Bashar Hawamdeh


CEO & Founder MenaITech, MenaIP

A firm believer in Intellectual Property (IP), product roadmaps and brand development, Bashar has become the Middle East IP pioneer, having launched MenaIP, a holding entity with the objective of encouraging creative minds to come up with innovative ideas related to the IT sector. He also created the well-known brand MenaITech’s HCIS the first localized HCIS in the MENA region implemented in more than 10 countries by 1000+ enterprises such as Vodafone , Jazeera satellite Channels , Olayyan group , Zain , Emaar and much more.

In October 2007, Bashar received an Honorary Doctorate in Human Resource Management from Oxford College for Higher/PhD Studies based on his extraordinary achievements in this field in Jordan & the MENA region during the past few years,


Usama Fayyad


Usama Fayyad is Executive Chairman of Oasis-500, an appointment resulting from King Abdullah II of Jordan in 2010 to help create a tech startup ecosystem in MENA. Oasis-500 manages a tech startup investment fund and operates an accelerator/incubator, entrepreneurship training program, and angel network that aims to fund and accelerate 500 Internet and Technology startups. He is also Chairman & CTO of ChoozOn Corp/Blue Kangaroo — a personalized mobile search engine for offers based in Burlingame, CA, USA. Up until September 2008, he was Yahoo!’s chief data officer & Executive VP where he applied Big Data techniques to content and advertising targeting and built the world’s largest group of data scientist – helping Yahoo! grow its revenues for targeting by 20x in 4 years. In 2003 Fayyad co-founded and led the DMX Group, a data mining consulting and technology company that was acquired by Yahoo! in 2004. In early 2000, he cofounded and led Audience Science (digiMine, Inc.) after five years spent leading the data mining and exploration group at Microsoft Research and building data mining in Microsoft’s server division. He held a leadership role at NASA’s JPL (1989-1996), where his work in the analysis of Big Data in scientific applications garnered him the top research excellence award from Caltech/JPL and a U.S. Government medal from NASA.

Abdul Malik Jaber


Dr. Abdul Malik Al-Jaber is a Palestinian businessman. He served as the CEO of Zain Jordan, the country’s leading telecommunications provider for two years till July 1, 2011,and is a member of the board of the World Economic Forum.

Al-Jaber is a graduate of Berzeit University, McGill University in Canada, the Northwestern University-Kellogg School of Business Administration in Chicago, and the International School of Management in Paris. He holds a DBA, MBA as well as an MSc and PhD in Engineering.

John Ross


John Ross received his MBA from Thunderbird, School of Global Management. Since graduating from Thunderbird John has worked with Mercy Corps in Afghanistan, Indonesia and Tajikistan primarily focused on agriculture value chain development. John is currently the Digital Economy Program Director for Mercy Corps West Bank / Gaza. The primary focus of John's activities in Palestine is to support the growth and sophistication of both the Ramallah and Gaza entrepreneurial ecosystems. He is supporting both ecosystems by helping to establish IT startup accelerators that provide aspiring entrepreneurs with access to seed funding, mentor support and follow on investment. John comes from Seattle, WA, USA.


Amir Shurrab

Amir Shurrab is a computer engineer who has highly extensive knowledge of Outsourcing, Freelancing and Entrepreneurship. He is specialist at ICT-focused businesses. Amir works as a CEO, consultant, trainer, mentor, lecturer and speaker at many institutions. He is enrolled into MSc Digital Entrepreneurship at The University of Birmingham, UK

Mohammed Yousef

Computer and Electronics Engineer.
Co-founder of IPAL-IPlayAndLearn.
Co-founder of Dalilak SMS (

Participated in Oasis 500 boot camp wave 12 in Ram Allah, until passing the jury pitch (IPAL-IPlayAndLearn).
1st winner in Celebration of innovation 2 in Ramallah (IPAL-IPlayAndLearn).
Participated in PICTI since 2010.

2006-2012 Served at College of Science & Technology (Employee) and other colleges as developer of their Computerized system (Oracle DB,Web based).

Since 1997 Was active in NGOs as Sharek-"UNDP", Culture & Free Thought Association (CFTA), Aman, Startacademy, GCMHP, Mediasoft team, etc..

Momen Alrayyes

Momen is a Palestinian Entrepreneur and Project Manager who lived and worked in UK, South Africa and Palestine. He holds an MBA from Leeds University Business School specializing in Developing Entrepreneurs in Emerging Economies. His first degree was from University Of Nottingham in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He is a firm believer in sustainability and entrepreneurship and the positive role they play to develop the society on economical, social and environmental levels.



Aug 22
  • Registration Open
  • Welcome & Speakers
  • Key Note Address
  • Pitches Start
  • Attendees vote for the top ideas
  • Teams forming and discussing ideas


Aug 23
  • Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee
  • Morning Key Note Speech
  • Teams formed and setting up workspace for the weekend
  • pre-lunch training
  • Lunch
  • Call for needs & skills
  • Coaches help teams one-on-one. They are here to help!
  • General comments and observations
  • Dinner
  • Mid weekend check-in, status reports, call for help
  • Finished for the day. You may stay and work as late as the venue will allow


Aug 24
  • Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee
  • Call for help (this is self motivated, so don’t be shy)
  • Motivational speech: Get Ready to Pitch!
  • Lunch
  • Coaches arrive… ASK QUESTIONS
  • Gut check. Start prepping for presentations
  • Dinner
  • Judging & awards
  • Go home!

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